the journey

I have always wanted to travel. It’s been both my most simple and time consuming desire. Between living and working there’s not much time left for journeying, so I made a decision.

I made the decision to make time.

The vision

Taking a sabbatical is slowly getting more popular. Maybe you know people who did it, or have heard about it, or know about the concept. Maybe you did it for yourself. Maybe you just want to follow someone doing it and take part in their adventures by reading about them.

Ultimately it is a privilege to take the time off your job and just go for it. You need to be independent, have the guts to go for it and also need the funds to afford it. It’s not something for everyone and still I decided it’s the right thing for me.

The parameters of leaping

It was a back and forth of making decisions and trying to reason with myself. I never questioned why I wanted to do it. For me, it’s always been about culture and adventure. Of getting out and doing something and then coming back and feeling rerooted to your home. For me, it doesn’t even feel like an adventure. It’s strangely calming and brings a piece to my mind that I don’t remember ever feeling.

My ultimate factors for up and against were always time and money.

Getting the time took quite the fair amount of planing. I am extremely lucky that I have a workplace that allows me to take a 6 month break and will take me afterwards. To be frank, quitting has not been an option for me. I want to be able to come home and continue with my life.

Money on the other hand has been more of an issue. I just did whatever I could to save up as many funds as possible. It took a lot of restraint and commitment. Ultimately I was able to save so much that while not living in luxury I will be able get by decently.

If you plan to go on a journey you need to find your own parameters. It takes time to reflect about yourself and it will give great insight.

The numbers

I can’t say much about costs and calculations at this point. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Anyone who has taken a longer trip or vacation can probably relate to budgeting.

I’ve been lucky that I’m working a job where finances play a part. Managing travel budgets is not as difficult as I initially thought. It did take some nerve wracking with setting everything up and the rest is dedicating yourself to it.

I’ve never felt so secure in my own finances. I’ve never lived over the top but I certainly didn’t think too much about my savings. Now I am in control and I live with what I have.

The time

Time was my other personal factor. I wish I could’ve gone for a year but that would’ve taken a whole other level of budgeting and dedication. I’m glad I can do my journey in 6 months. It’s just enough to get away and not as long as to feel out of it when returning to work.

In the end these things depend on your own vision. I know what I want. I want to go to musicals and museums, I want to be in Vienna with my friends, write another novel and when winter comes go see the northern lights.

And the rest will just be the rest.