Skyscrapers of London

The Shard is the tallest building in the EU (however, not in Europe). It is South of the City of London and visitors can go to a platform on the top. It’s massive hight of roughly 310m is a sight to behold.

The 20 Fenchurch Street building is also known as Walkie-Talkie – based on his form. It is roughly 160m tall and holds a public platform – called the Sky Gardens – at the top.

London holds place to many other high buildings in different shapes and forms. The rounded building, 30 St Mary Axe is usually called The Gherkin. One of the oldest prominent buildings is the St. Pauls Cathedral.


There are many more interesting buildings with different shapes and heights. It is a city of skyscrapers. Klick the Gallery below to see some more pictures.

And the Skyline is also something to behold. From the rooftops I was able to see Tower Bridge and a glimpse of the London Eye.

from Camden to Baker Street

The Camdon Market is an interesting place. You can find hundrets of different stalls selling art, fashion, food and more. It’s next to the Regents Canal which connects to the Regents Park. If you follow the Canal it’s only a short walk.

The Regent Park and Queen Mary's Rose Gardens

The Regent Park is a beautiful place. It has huge sports areas, playgrounds for children, the London Zoo and is home to a lot of wildlife. Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens can be found on the southern end. It offers a fabolous view of all kinds of roses. You can sit down on a bench and just enjoy the view.

The wildlife is exciting to watch. I was able to take pictures of squirrels and birds and followed them along for a bit of their daily routines.

Continuing the way along you can find more vibrant plants and a couple lakes. There are statues to find and trees to hide under.

Baker Street

Directly outside of the park is the famous Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes. It’s an interesting walk. You can find one shop after another that in some form pays homage to the famous detective, as well as a museum deticated to him at number 221B.

a day in London’s Hyde Park

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in London. The city is moving ever so fast. The Hyde Park, located in Central London, is the perfect place to spend a calm time and stroll leisurely along the greenery. As the biggest of the four Royal Parks it contains countless paths that are framed by plants and trees.

It is home to both the Kensington Palace and the Speaker’s Corner and can be used as a shortcut between the city itself. It’s vast and large and can easily be explored for half a day or longer.

There are a couple food and coffee places along the way to get refreshments from and you even can rent a solar boat and drive around the water.

Devided by the Serpentine River and the Long Water Lakes it offers a veriety of diverse trees, plants and animals. There is a huge variety in birds and waterbirds. I had a great time taking pictures of them!

the birds of Hyde Park

Natural History and Science

The Natural History Museum

The National History Museum is absolutely incredible. It’s free to enter and you could spend your whole day inside and still not see everything. Its architecture is absolutely impressive. The first sight is Hope the Whale in the magnificent Hintze Hall.

On one side you have a dinosaur exhibition together with an animatronic T-Rex. There are bones and skeletons to see as well as a big amount of interactive displays.

They have a huge amount of stones and crystals as well as a treasure hall where you can see the imprint of an archaeopteryx: Probably my favourite part since Dippy the Diplodocus is currently on tour.

When I visited they also had an exhibition about the moon: A dark room with a full moon inside. Absolutely stunning.



The Science Museum

The Science Museum is literally next door to the National History Museum. It’s also free to enter and has some special science areas for kids. It is definitely a bit less crowded than the Natural History Museum so if you’re interested in seeing industrial and space exhibitions then check it out.

They have a lot of interesting things about space as well as steam machines, aeroplanes, cars and even more.

the walking city

The first week in London has not yet ended for me and I already have seen a huge amount of things. One of the best things about London is that you can see a lot of things for free. Catching a tube or bus is easy and for the rest you can get around by foot easily. The amount of walking I did these past days is insane!

In all honesty: The centre itself is actually rather small and you are better off walking a short distance instead of taking the tube.

While the tourist spots are alway buzzing with people the parks are a nice spot to take a breath and calm down.


St. James Park

Buckingham Palace

Saint Paul´s Cathedral


St. James Park, the Buckingham Palace and the Saint Paul´s Cathedral are in a very short walking distance from each other.

Arriving in London

The first day was thrilling and exhausting at the same time.

I left early in the morning and made my way to Frankfurt airport. I’m someone who likes to be extra early. I haven’t flown much and finding the right check in and the boarding gate is something of an adventure alone.

I never would’ve thought I’d be so nervous before the flight itself. There I was, waiting for the boarding and a feeling of dread and nausea hit me.

The funny thing was that the train ride to the airport was absolutely normal and boring – it didn’t feel weird or adventurous. I’m used to trains, it’s probably my preferred way to get around. Planes – not so much. I’m just glad I don’t get sick on them.

In the end it wasn’t any different then the other flights I had. The longer the flight continued the less nervous I got. And when I landed in London and made it over the boarder control the my nervousness fell away.
London is something I know. There was no need to be afraid.

In all honesty I was almost annoyed that I still had to catch a tube and continue the journey. I needed to get to my room and take a well deserved rest. And that’s what I did.

Getting the oyster card was easy and catching the tube was no different from all the other times I did it. And finally I made it to my 1st home base.

I did have to venture outside for just a tiny bit longer to grab some dinner. And after two well deserved sandwiches I rested.

Now, the adventure continues!

1st stop – London!

London is a big city. I’ve been there twice before and I do know my way around. However, it’s still intimidating.

I’m a country girl. I’m used to nature. Going out and simply walking into the woods is normal. London is no such place. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a stunning city. It has culture and beauty but at the same time it is also busy and fast.

I am looking forward to seeing it again. I got my fair share of musicals booked and I am excited to be there and share my first step of this adveture!