about me

Hi, I’m Marina and online I’m known as fish. Here is the story on my online persona:

the fish

So you’re asking yourself: What is this fish? I can tell you.
I was in Vienna, Austria at the aquarium and took this photograph of a koi fish. I thought it was hilarious and used it as profile picture for my online chats. Then, things started to get weird: I put a christmas hat on it and started drawing “wigs” on it every month. Now there are a ton of different fish characters from mostly video games and anime and it turned into my online persona.

the real me

In real life, I’m simply Marina. I’m 26 years old and live in Germany.
I’m a shop manager in Bavaria and my job is equally exhausting as it is rewarding. Overall I’m very content with what I do and that’s what counts!
I wear glasses and I both like summer and winter. In my free time I read a lot, draw or listen to music. I like to watch Youtube videos and Netflix. I write my own novels and never share them. You could say I’m a bit excentric. I appreciate calm days, I especially like the month November and I love to travel around.