from Camden to Baker Street

The Camdon Market is an interesting place. You can find hundrets of different stalls selling art, fashion, food and more. It’s next to the Regents Canal which connects to the Regents Park. If you follow the Canal it’s only a short walk.

The Regent Park and Queen Mary's Rose Gardens

The Regent Park is a beautiful place. It has huge sports areas, playgrounds for children, the London Zoo and is home to a lot of wildlife. Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens can be found on the southern end. It offers a fabolous view of all kinds of roses. You can sit down on a bench and just enjoy the view.

The wildlife is exciting to watch. I was able to take pictures of squirrels and birds and followed them along for a bit of their daily routines.

Continuing the way along you can find more vibrant plants and a couple lakes. There are statues to find and trees to hide under.

Baker Street

Directly outside of the park is the famous Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes. It’s an interesting walk. You can find one shop after another that in some form pays homage to the famous detective, as well as a museum deticated to him at number 221B.

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