Natural History and Science

The Natural History Museum

The National History Museum is absolutely incredible. It’s free to enter and you could spend your whole day inside and still not see everything. Its architecture is absolutely impressive. The first sight is Hope the Whale in the magnificent Hintze Hall.

On one side you have a dinosaur exhibition together with an animatronic T-Rex. There are bones and skeletons to see as well as a big amount of interactive displays.

They have a huge amount of stones and crystals as well as a treasure hall where you can see the imprint of an archaeopteryx: Probably my favourite part since Dippy the Diplodocus is currently on tour.

When I visited they also had an exhibition about the moon: A dark room with a full moon inside. Absolutely stunning.



The Science Museum

The Science Museum is literally next door to the National History Museum. It’s also free to enter and has some special science areas for kids. It is definitely a bit less crowded than the Natural History Museum so if you’re interested in seeing industrial and space exhibitions then check it out.

They have a lot of interesting things about space as well as steam machines, aeroplanes, cars and even more.

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