Arriving in London

The first day was thrilling and exhausting at the same time.

I left early in the morning and made my way to Frankfurt airport. I’m someone who likes to be extra early. I haven’t flown much and finding the right check in and the boarding gate is something of an adventure alone.

I never would’ve thought I’d be so nervous before the flight itself. There I was, waiting for the boarding and a feeling of dread and nausea hit me.

The funny thing was that the train ride to the airport was absolutely normal and boring – it didn’t feel weird or adventurous. I’m used to trains, it’s probably my preferred way to get around. Planes – not so much. I’m just glad I don’t get sick on them.

In the end it wasn’t any different then the other flights I had. The longer the flight continued the less nervous I got. And when I landed in London and made it over the boarder control the my nervousness fell away.
London is something I know. There was no need to be afraid.

In all honesty I was almost annoyed that I still had to catch a tube and continue the journey. I needed to get to my room and take a well deserved rest. And that’s what I did.

Getting the oyster card was easy and catching the tube was no different from all the other times I did it. And finally I made it to my 1st home base.

I did have to venture outside for just a tiny bit longer to grab some dinner. And after two well deserved sandwiches I rested.

Now, the adventure continues!

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