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my stops

  • September: London
  • September: Great Britain
  • October: London
  • October, November, December: Austria
  • December: Germany
  • January, February: Denmark, Sweden, Finland

The first step will be Great Britain. I will start with a two week stay in London. I am a huge musical fan so I got my fair share of shows already booked. From there I will travel along the east coast of England until I arrive in Scotland. I hope to see Edinburgh and Glasglow and go back the westcoast till I arrive in Wales. From there it’s only a short trip back to London and off I go.

From October to mid December I will stay in Vienna, Austria. It’s possibly my favorite city ever. The coffee is great and I have awesome friends there to share my time with. I might pop over to Italy for a short trip to Florence and Pisa.

During Christmas I will go to Germany to visit friends and family.

From there I will make my way to Denmark. The coast is not the only thing I want to see. It’s only a small way to Sweden from there. This is my goal for January: seeing northern lights.

From Sweden I will go to Finland and make my way to Helsinki.

The rest depends on time. If I can make it I will try to go through the Baltic Countries. If not, it’s directly to Poland and back home.